Learn to Play Piano or Keyboard from Zero to Hero TUTORiAL

play piano or keyboard tutorial

Play Piano or Keyboard TUTORiAL

P2P | 04 May 2021 | 11.54 GB

This Course is huge, but is divided into different section and less than 10 minutes videos.

Every lesson is accompanying with a PDF eBook that you can print and show you everything learned in the video

After completing this course, you will be able to play any kind of music in any kind of style, in any key. This course will give you a step by step guide to fully learning the Piano or Keyboard

This Course is for everyone willing to learn Piano or Keyboard and play as a professional.

After completing this course, you will be able to play any kind of music in any kind of style in any kind of key

We will start this Course from the Basics which is for students who are just starting to learn the piano, then move to Intermediate lessons which are for the Students who completed the basics section or who already have experience with the piano. Advanced is for players who have completed the Basics and Intermediate level.

If not yet, Don’t wait! Take this Course for fully lessons of the piano and become an amazing musician

In this Course we will cover :

· 2. Scale Construction
· 3. Major Scale
· 4. Cycle of fourths, Cycle of fifths
· 5. Play 1-4-5 with all 12 Keys
· Minor Chords Movements
· Augmented Chords
· Diminished Chords
· Quartal Chords
· Combined movements

What you’ll learn

You will learn to play anything on the Piano or Keyboard. You will learn all the chords which will help you to play any kind of song. You will learn how to play Piano or Keyboard



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