Learn How to Mix Front of House for Live Bands TUTORiAL

P2P | 05 March 2020 | 2.22 GB

Learn form the audio engineers working with Prodigy and the Libertines! This in-depth master class is aimed at Live Sound Engineers and takes us through each step of putting together a front of house mix for live music – from the moment you arrive at a venue as a touring engineer to getting the final mix up and running. Jon Burton (Prodigy) & Justin Grealy (Libertines) take a comprehensive look at the input and output channels, outboard rack and interconnections, each individual sound source and working the mix until it’s right; is filled with tips, tricks and some excellent advice.

The course consists of 19 videos that cover each step of the process, from arriving at the venue and getting to grips with your environment, testing the sound system, deciding on a mix position, discusses the mixing console in detail, getting connected and then Jon Burton goes through the band channel by channel, develops a mix and discusses his personal methods and recipes for success.

What you’ll learn

•Get a good Front Of House mix together for a live band
•Decide on a Mix Position
•Understand the Soundcraft Series 5 Mixer
•Connect up the rack to the desk
•Work with each individual channel
•Get good results from Overhead mics
•Understand why mixing at zero is a good idea
•Get to grips with their acoustic environment

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