Laraaji Reimagined Photay WAV

29 Feb 2020 | 402.8 MB

Photay’s take on Laraaji’s Originals pack is a remix of the zither player at an atomic level: one shots pulled from loops and loops made from one-shots, even loops looped from loops. The texture-minded producer twists, turns, buries, reverses, dips and rips apart Laraaji’s samples, making buzzing, warbling, and wet kalimbas, lo-fi zithers that emerge from the mud to form rhythmic melodies and melodic rhythms; chattering wooden insects, percussion loops plucked from Laraaji’s plucks and panned plushly, and one-shots that are shrunken, draw out, dangerously delayed, reverently reverbed, and wet with wonder. These sounds are essential for anyone looking for singular melodies, rhythms, textures, and tones.

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