Kush Hammer DSP v1.0.0 WIN-AudioAUTOPiA

Team AudioUTOPiA | Oct 29 2016 | 42 MB

I don’t know what’s more exciting: the fact that the Hammer EQ is now plugin, or the fact that this is the first of many from A-Designs Digital…by Kush.

The Hammer’s mythical top end sheen and tube-thickened low end quickly earned it a permanent place on mix busses around the world. Me, I’ve always been partial to its smooth, bite-free midrange—something that’s difficult to find in any EQ, let alone in a plugin.

Try a little bump at 50Hz, 800Hz, and 10k, and your mix will noticeably pop out of the speakers. That one’s called ‘Subtle Vintage Points”, one of over 60 custom UBK presets that are destined to bring a lot of magic to a lot of tracks in the near future.

Hammer DSP…the first in a series of incredible plugins from an even more incredible alliance between A-Designs and Kush

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