Kontour v1.0.0.6 HYBRID WiN MacOSX R2R

Team R2R | 07 November 2019 | 21 MB

KONTOUR is the latest synthesizer from NI founder Stephan Schmitt – an ultra-responsive synth that reacts to even the slightest parameter adjustments. This instrument allows you to create stunningly organic textures from mallets to plucked and bowed strings to distorted, aggressive and noisy sounds – a true performance machine.


The Performance View condenses all KONTOUR’s power into four Macro controls for easy, on-the-fly sound manipulation. Each Macro is mapped to several parameters for radical tweaking. Use the Motion Recorder to automate custom modulations, timbre transitions or long, evolving soundscapes.


KONTOUR gives sound designers the keys to a sonic kingdom. The core of the engine consists of two sine oscillators with powerful capabilities of phase modulation, extensive wave-shaping options, and ring modulation. A precise, tunable comb filter, a flexible state variable filter, and an elaborate feedback routing are forming a resonating structure that gives you complex harmonic textures.


KONTOUR was conceived and created by Stephan Schmitt – Founder and Director of Nonlinear Labs, founder of Native Instruments, and the creator of REAKTOR. This instrument represents the next step in his quest for an expressively playable, organic-sounding digital synthesizer.


Ultra-expressive synth with an organic sonic character
Motion Recorder delivers innovative modulation possibilities
Advanced architecture for endless sound design options


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