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29 June 2020 | 69.26 MB

King’s Place, Hall one

London, United Kingdom

King’s Place Hall One, the main concert hall, is a separate structure within the building, it is a box that sits on rubber springs to give it complete acoustic separation from the rest of the building. It is built to a regular geometry, a double cube, that is considered most successful for small concert halls. Read more…

Structural columns around the hall are set away from the walls to allow curtains to be drawn between the columns and the walls to modify the acoustics. Wet and dry settings are included in this impulse responses set.

What is immediately obvious about Hall One at King’s Place, however, is that the acoustic is warm, clear and absolutely merciless. Classical music sounds terrific in here, with every note, texture and colour perfectly audible over an extreme dynamic range.

King’s Place, Hall two

London, United Kingdom

Hall two is a large and versatile room connected to the recording facilities of King’s place. The recording engineer of these impulse responses was immediately reminded of the voluminous yet contained acoustics of the major Hollywood scoring stages.

Requirement: Altiverb 7.28

They appear in the “concert hall” section,

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