Jilax Serum Presets Vol 1-RESONANT

Team RESONANT | 01 Apr 2020 | 60.8 MB

Jilax Serum Presets is the pack to go if you need some fresh Basses, One Shots and Bass Shots for your productions.

All the Sounds in the demo are included either as presets or as samples in the pack.


100 Presets
100% Royalty Free
Serum Version 1.214
10.00 €

Preset List:

Bass – In Your Mind Main Bass
Bass – Ketamine Main Bass
Bass – Simple Main Bass
Bass – Soul Main Bass
Bass – Stereo Sub Pad
Bass Shot – Clean Dubstepish
Bass Shot – Clean Wobble
Bass Shot – Dubstep Bass 2
Bass Shot – Dubstep Bass
Bass Shot – Fm Wob
Bass Shot – Kick Shot
Bass Shot – Pitcher
Bass Shot – Reso Wob
Bass Shot – Reverb Bass
Bass Shot – Reverse Bass
Bass Shot – Slap Bass
Bass Shot – So deep, Adele is rolling in it
Bass Shot – Soft Reverse
Bass Shot – Square Phrase
Bass Shot – Stereo Saw
Bass Shot – Stereo Square Bass
Bass Shot – Stereo Wob
Bass Shot -Trash Square
Fx – Long Riser
Fx – Signature Square Pad
Fx – Vocal Gate
Layer – Bass Layer (Key_E) Sample Me!
Layer – Bass Layer (Key_F) Sample Me!
Layer – Chord Bass Layer
Layer – Electro Bass Bonkers
Layer – Heathens Bass Layer
Layer – Perc Layer
Layer – Saw Bass Layer
Layer – Sub Layer
Lead – Acid Reverbfilter
Lead – Glider
Lead – Reality Code Acid
Lead – Walter White
One Shot – Angry
One Shot – Another Chord Shot
One Shot – Bitcher
One Shot – Chord Phrase
One Shot – Chord Pluck
One Shot – Chord Reverse
One Shot – Classy Pluck
One Shot – Crush That Weirdo
One Shot – Dark Pluck
One Shot – Dark Pluck 2
One Shot – Deep Phrase
One Shot – Deep Pluck
One Shot – Deep Reso Shot
One Shot – Deeper
One Shot – Dog Bark
One Shot – Double Stab
One Shot – Double Wob
One Shot – Fat Supersaw (Play 2 Octaves Togheter)
One Shot – Filter down
One Shot – Filter Stab
One Shot – First Hit
One Shot – First Hit 2
One Shot – Flange Stab (Key_G#)
One Shot – Fm to the bone
One Shot – Gritty
One Shot – Gritty 2
One Shot – Growl Stab
One Shot – Growlify
One Shot – Hollow Wob 2
One Shot – Hollow Wob
One Shot – Hyperspace
One Shot – Mega Trumpet
One Shot – Modern Talk Shot
One Shot – Most Basic Shot
One Shot – Phaser Stab
One Shot – Pitch Stab
One Shot – Pluckero
One Shot – Reality Code Growl Shot
One Shot – Reso Shot
One Shot – Reverb Shot
One Shot – Robo Pluck
One Shot – Sexy Chord Wob
One Shot – Sexy Chord Wob 2
One Shot – Square Fm Pluck
One Shot – Square Squelch
One Shot – Substance Stab
One Shot – Talker
One Shot – Talker 2
One Shot – Talker 3
One Shot – Vocal Shot
One Shot – Vocal Synth
One Shot – Weird Phaser Shot
One Shot – Yalla
Pad – Magical Chords
Pad – Square Glider
Perc – Tonal Cinematic Drum
Perc – Tonal Noise Perc
Pluck – Chord Me
Pluck – Cleaner Than Your Kitchen
Pluck – Magical Pluck
Pluck – Nice Bell
Pluck – Noise Pluck
Pluck – Vock

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