In Session Audio Fruit Shake KONTAKT [FREE]

09.11.2018 | KONTAKT | 60 MB

Fruit Shake presents four fruit-shaped shakers and one carrot (for your good health!) in an easy-to-use interface based on our Shimmer Shake Strike percussion engine.

Designed for the free Kontakt Player platform, Fruit Shake is a musical, fun and simple way to add shaker sounds to a song, and is available at no cost for a limited time.
Traditional “sampling” of instruments is rather straightforward: record the instrument being played from soft to hard.
But for tambourines and shakers, that approach will never come close to reproducing a life-like sound.

Instead, we recorded percussion performances, harvesting samples of forward and backward thrusts, accents, twists, and variations of the important “in-between” sounds that glue everything together.

Using this approach, each shaker pulls from 130 samples across 13 articulation types.

But more importantly: when using Fruit Shake or Shimmer Shake Strike, samples from the performances reconnect to fit your track, retaining the nuance and variation of the player.

Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) is Native Instruments’ extended plug-in format.

NKS allows for seamless interaction between FRUIT SHAKE and KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware.

Kontakt Library Activation Serial Number (if needed):


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