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P2P | 24 January 2020 | 1.42 GB

In this online DJ course, you’ll learn the technicals and fundamentals of DJing at a professional level. Whether you want to learn how to DJ for fun, or mix at a professional level; we’ll cover principles from beginner to advanced levels. I’ll show you how to DJ using the latest USB technology (no laptop or controller required), and if you don’t have DJ equipment, you can still follow along.

In Section 2 of DJ School, we will change the way you listen to music forever. I’ll also show you where and how to get exclusive, new and high quality music online. You’ll also learn how to navigate Pioneer’s free Rekorbox computer software, and learn how to export music onto your USB keys for DJing,

In Section 3, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of mixing 2 tracks together: Counting Beats, Beat Matching & Beat Syncing. We’ll analyze and breakdown our music visually, and prepare to mix on the DJ equipment.

In Section 4, we dissect the Pioneer CDJ Turntable and DJM Mixer. Most sound equipment looks complicated at first, but you will grasp every feature, function, fader, knob and button within minutes.

In Section 5, we will mix our first tracks together and officially knight you as a DJ!

In Section 6, you’ll learn advanced DJ and mixing skills. We’ll mashup tracks, power mix quickly, transition different styles and genres and go over different mixing techniques like scratching and cutting.

In Section 7, we’ll discuss the all important business side of DJing. Having DJ talent and mixing skills are great, but they are only a piece of the puzzle. To be a pro DJ, we’ll discuss professionalism, networking, the DJ code, respect and the way you carry yourself.

In Section 8, I’ll share some industry secrets and answer frequently asked questions like: How to send a proper email or demo? How to spin a proper opening set? How to build your brand & market yourself? How to release your music iIndependantly? How to get booked in a club? How to negotiate a club salary? And many more…

I’ll be with you every step of the way if you have any more questions as well.

What you’ll learn

•Learn how to mix like the world’s biggest DJs. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to mix in the world’s most renowned venues and alongside the most famous international DJs
•Learn a complete DJ course whether you want to become a professional DJ or learn how to mix for fun
I•’ve been a professional DJ for 10+ years and have DJed 1000+ events. In this course, I will share all my experience with you. You’ll learn advanced mixing skills, tips and tricks from , every function and feature of turntables and mixer, where and how to get high quality music and the business side of being a DJ.
•Connect with me on my socials @andrewpololos if you have any questions about the course. I am glad to help 🙂
•Learn to DJ from Scratch
•Mix multiple songs together
•Use Best mixing softwares
•DJ as a career

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