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HENONMODULES is a collection of independant modules from the HENONSYNTH, a complex multi-purpose synth-modulator based on quadratic mapping. The quadratic algorithm generates a quasi-unlimited quantity of strange attractors which values allow you to feed different modules.

# henonmidi
A Midi Effect that generates midi notes from the attractors.

# henonmidisend / henonsynth_midireceive
An hybrid Effect you can place on Audio track and that produces Midi Notes to be send. Up to 4 values from the attractor can be send to any Midi Instrument on other tracks via the MIDI RECEIVE Module

# henonmodulator 1x / 4x
An Audio Effect that allow you to take control of Live’s parameters and modulate them with the attractors.

# henonoscillo
A Midi Instrument reproducing the oscillators from the HENONSYNTH :
2x Oscillators with ADSR, Filter Env. ADSR, Frequency Shifter, Crusher, Reverb and Equalizer.

# henonremote
A simple remote that allows you to launch all the devices at the same time.

These Modules include all the functions of the HENONSYNTH, but in a independant way, and features Envelope Modulators options to control Live’s parameters with custom automations. For more information about the options you can refer to the HENONSYNTH documentation.

live 9.1.10+
max 6.1.10+

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