Guitar Fretboard: The Simple Method to Memorize the Fretboard

Guitar Fretboard The Simple Method to Memorize the Fretboard

English | 2020 | 53 Pages | PDF, EPUB| 9 MB

Master the Art of Playing Guitar.

Are you taking your first steps into the world of guitar? You started practicing but you are struggling to remember the location of the notes? Don’t worry, this guide will show you the easy way to learn all of that.

The ability to recall the location of the notes is a skill that will greatly benefit your learning process. That is why you should memorize the fretboard.

It may seem intimidating at first, but with this guide, you will memorize fretboard in no time. That way you will have an easier time when learning new notes, or when you improvise.

It will help you accentuate and create melodic changes within your chords and solos. You will have a better grasp on scales, as you learn the different kinds.

You will gain the ability to break free from standard open and barre chords. It will open the way for you to locate more diverse and intricate chord voicings. You will sound just like a professional guitar player.

Here is what this incredible guide will offer you:

Conquer the basics of musical notes: Learn the basics of musical notes. Build a strong foundation. With a strong foundation, it will be easier to upgrade it later.
Get to know the fretboard and open strings: Familiarize yourself with the fretboard and its inlays. Discover the open strings and their benefits. Open strings are mnemonic devices that will help you to easily memorize musical elements.
Guide and exercises for fretboard memorization: Discover the specialized exercises that will allow you to memorize fretboard in no time. These exercises are designed for beginners, so you won’t have a hard time doing them.
Practical ideas and advice for practice routine: There are many different ways to use these exercises. In this book, you will find a simple 5-day routine. And if you want to change it, there are also some great advice and ideas to make your routine.

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