Flatpicking Essentials Vol. 4: Understanding the Fingerboard and Moving Up the Neck by Dan Miller

19 Nov 2018 | PDF + MP3 | 148 MB

That’s right: you can learn to use the entire fingerboard now! Sensible, step-by-step guide to finding your way all the way up and down the neck through the use of chord shapes, horizontal and vertical scale patterns and lots of song examples.



Understanding the Fingerboard, Part I: Working with Chord Shapes

The FDAA System

The F-Shape Chord Form

I-IV-V Progressions

Bile the Cabbage Down

Forked Deer (A Section) Version 1

Forked Deer (A Section) Version 2

Forked Deer (A Section) Version 3

Forked Deer (A Section) Version 4

The D-Shape Chord Form

I-IV-V Progressions

Bile the Cabbage Down

Bonaparte’s Retreat

Worried Man Blues

The Upper-A Shape Chord Form

I-IV-V Progressions

Bile the Cabbage Down

St. Anne’s Reel (B Section)

Red River Valley

The Blues Shuffle

12-Bar Blues

Rock Power Chord Riff

The Lower-A Shape Chord Form

I-IV-V Progressions

Bile the Cabbage Down

Arkansas Traveler

Recognizing Patterns

Overlapping I-IV-V Progression

Chord Progression Practice

I-IV-V Progression Workout

Chord Shapes and Vocal Arrangements

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Wildwood Flower

Blackberry Blossom

Minor Chord Forms

Understanding the Fingerboard, Part 2: Major Scales

The Major Scale Formula

Finding the Root Note

That Darn B-String

The G Scale Up-the-Neck (Box Patterns)

Box Pattern Exercises

You Are My Sunshine

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Busting Out Of the Box

The One String “Unitar”

Folding Scale on Low E String Unitar

You Are My Sunshine

Whiskey Before Breakfast

The Two String Guitar

Scale Practice

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Moving Around the Fingerboard Part I: Learning More About Shifting

G Major Scale

Shifting Exercises

Billy In The Lowground

Moving Around the Fingerboard Part II: Using Open Strings and “Floating”

Moving Around Using Open Strings

A Folding Scale Using Open Strings

Learning How To “Float”

Floating Through Scales

Temperance Reel

Forked Deer

Moving Around the Fingerboard Part III: Using Harmonized Scales

Harmonized Scale Examples

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Katy Hill (A Section)

Blackberry Blossom (A Section)

Jimmie Rodgers Yodel Lick

Nine Pound Hammer

The Blackberry Blossom Etude

Whiskey Before Breakfast

The Keys of C and D

Forked Deer

Scale Section Summary and Practice Suggestions

Dynamics Exercise

Blackberry Blossom with Fiddle Tune Pulse

Note Duration Exercise

Scale Timing Exercise

Understanding the Fingerboard, Part 3: Working with Arpeggios

Arpeggio Exercise 1

Forked Deer Example

G Arpeggio Exercise 2

G Arpeggio Exercises 3 and 4

G Arpeggio Exercise 5

C and D Arpeggios Exercises

I-IV-V Arpeggio Exercise

Extra Song Examples

Blackberry Blossom

Fisher’s Hornpipe

Red Haired Boy

Cherokee Shuffle

Flowers of Edinburgh

Where To Go From Here

Intervals Appendix

Playing Intervals Relative to the Root

Interval Exercises

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