FilmComposer v1.0 VSTi VST Pack WiN-AiR


FilmComposer v1.0 VSTi VST Pack WiN-AiR

Team AiR | WiNDOWS | 2009 | 27 MB

FilmComposer Precog VSTi 1.0:

PRECOG is special, sampler based synthesizer that helps you to make your music dreams come true! Why should you by extremely expensive software or real synthesizers if you can achieve special sounding with this software too? Even if you work with Trance or smoother melodies, trancegate, high quality reverb or cutoff filter – in PRECOG you find anything you need. If you work on a single monitor, the small size and easy-handling provides great advantage. There are no unnecessary buttons, only the vital functions are shown. 200 preset can be found in PRECOG. Plenty of lead – pad- and bass tunes are available.

Extreme Delay VST 1.0:


If you want to spice up your music with really special effects, the best choice is EXTREMEDELAY. This program is a Ping-Pong Delay with Chorus, flanger and filter functions. The sound of the delay can be modified with the effects in a way that the original sound remains unchanged. The program has 19 different delay timing and any kind of preset can be saved on it. Do you want to see what it can do?.

Gateverb VST 1.0:


Should you want to use a reliable reverb with and many setting functionalities, get Gateverb. Beside the common functionalities you can find new ones as well, such as gate function what you can use for original sound or reverb too.


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