Drums Out Of the SP-404 Vol.3 WAV

06 June 2020 | 7.99 MB

Drums out the SP404 Vol. 3 is here! The third & final installment of this dope collection of our live drums has once again been expertly textured with the SP404 & analog preamps! Per usual, we’ve focused heavily on the unorthodox, unique chops & sections bringing an originality that you simply don’t find anywhere else. Drums out the SP404 Vol. 3 is built with numerous kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, percussion, breaks/loop chops, & more!

These drums sit well in ANY musical context. If you’re a producer that needs drums that work instantly, we got you. Stay with us. Choose MSXII; the most trusted brand in sound design.

Kit Features:

50 all original, live, MSXII drums in .wav format
Expertly sampled, resampled, & processed with max texture & character with the famed SP404.
All dopeness. No fluff, no filler sounds. Everything is unique & useable
Emphasis on the uniquely found chops that come from real, live, & skillful drumming
Drum recordings tracked with Neve & API 500 series analog hardware
Compatible with any DAW, sampler, iOS app, and any device you can produce music in


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