Team DYNAMiCS | Date: Dec 2010| 3.02 GB

Drums of War 2 is the newest member to the cinesamples percussion family, and its parents are beaming. Following in the scope of the original Drums of War this new volume takes a different approach to achieving massive-percussive impact. Whereas the paramount concept of DOW 1 was recording huge orchestral drums in a huge space this time we used specific instrumentation/production techniques to achieve our result. DOW 2 contains entirely new sample content and entirely new instruments – those which we have never sampled before. The foundation of this library being the mighty taikos.
The hallmark of this library lies within the recordings. DOW 2 utilizes a combination close/stage mix with wonderfully rich character – a driving, powerful tone. If you could use one word to describe this sound it would most certainly be “tight”. But the real magic lies in whats going on in the stereo field. DOW 2 uses double, triple, and quadruple tracking – mapped down to one sample and therefore one key – allowing you to trigger this labor intensive studio-process which a single keystroke. Aside from being an ultimate timesaver, its also like having a renowned professional percussionist and mixer sitting in on your track. Each sample contains that delightful mini-flamming (without phasing) from the percussionist and that ultra-balanced wide panorama from the mixer. If you like to construct your own layers we’ve made the solo patches available too.

DOW 2 requires the full version of Kontakt 3.5 or 4+ and comes with the following patches.

* Chang Chang
* Djun Djuns*
* Doumbek
* Frame Drums*
* Gong
* Hang Drum
* Kissing Fish Shaker
* Metals
* Mixing Bells
* Mondo Toms*
* One Shot Shaker
* Shime Daikos*
* Sub Boom
* Tabla
* Taikos

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