David Glenn Inside the Mix Redimi2 TUTORiAL

David Glenn Inside the Mix Redimi2 TUTORiAL

30 May 2018 | 1.37 GB

Inside the Mix is a new series of tutorials that will take you behind the scenes of my latest mixes so you can see a track by track breakdown of a professional mix. Learn the how, but more importantly, the why behind each of my mix decisions.

Live Drums · Beat Production · Bass Guitars · Keys · Synths · Vocals

Learn how to work with multiple types of EQ to help shape and mold your tracks. I provide a track-by-track walkthrough of each EQ move I make.

Learn how to layer multiple effects, create custom delays, and more as you follow me through my use of effects on each instrument or track.

Discover how to compress with purpose as I demonstrate the many types of compression techniques used to deliver a modern sounding mix.

Mixes that sit still are boring and can lose the listener’s interest. Watch as I show you how to create movement and keep your listeners engaged.

Cut down on tedious processing by applying EQ, compression, and saturation to your busses. Learn my methods of “top down mixing” and tweak to your taste.

The fun stuff! You’ll discover plenty of tips, tricks and techniques to add to your toolbox. Take the ones you like and use them in your next mix!


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