DADA Life Sausage Fattener Mod v2.1 (WIN/MAC)


DADA Life Sausage Fattener v2.1 (WIN/MAC)

WiN / MAC | 19.17 MB

Hey! Hi! Hello guys! How u doing? We have a something new. We make a new version DADA life Sausage Fattener (Full Mod v2.0) by COLOVE Products

What’s new?
We Integrated the skin system, you no need to replace the skin’s files a longer of never. One Skin a one resource
Added a five new skins: RED, BLUE, GREY, ORANGE, GREEN. Important, saved the originally (analog – yellow) shell
Core optimization: 32 bit is only for Win32, 64 for only Win64. All cores to one base.

Older version, what we made 1.0, it was just the only pictures files and does not a violate copyrights. But with a new version will be problems with it (Copyright) because it’s a plugin (Full VST). We will sent to DADA life and only they will the post it to his a store by DaDa officially.. if not, we are post to our website only skin’s and not for release.. without update for core, skin’s system, optimization.. Enjoying the only pictures(!

What’s New in v2.1?
• Added a five new background: SPECTRUM, RED, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN.
• Added sausage vector design and new “Wheel in sausage”!
• Added Windows and macOS Mods in one package
• Added Installation guide
• Important, originally (yellow) shell not supported!
• Impromovent for indicators and knobs.


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