Crystal Clear v1.0.0 VST VST3 x64 WiN


Crystal Clear v1.0.0 VST VST3 WiN

P2P | 15 June 2022 | 11.7 MB

Introducing CRYSTAL CLEAR.

A dynamic enhancer that brings clarity and life to your music by reducing unwanted muddy frequencies, smoothing out peaks, while adding polish, sheen, and glue.

Crystal Clear can be used for mixing on individual tracks, groups, busses, and also for mastering.

Muddy frequencies are a major problem when producing music and they can ruin any mix if they are not removed or are removed incorrectly.

Crystal Clear solves this problem for you the correct way. With just a few mouse clicks you can now remove the cloud and fog from your mixes and masters with ease without losing the definition or character of the original sound.

Specifications Windows 64 bit vst plug-in

System Requirements Windows 7 or later

Compatible with Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Presonus Studio One, Reaper.

The Problem Solver
MAG Signature Sound Crystal Clear is a dynamic enhancer that brings clarity and life to your music, solving the problem of muddy frequencies by removing them, smoothing out peaks, while adding polish, sheen, and glue.

It works by introducing dynamic Pultec style fixed frequency bands to boost and cut in the correct areas while adding subtle saturation and harmonics.

A totally transparent simple to use plug-in with a dramatic effect to make your music shine through.

It can be used on individual channels, groups, busses and for mastering purposes.

Take The Controls
1. Input: Increasing the auto gained compensated input will give your sounds added subtle harmonics at low values or crunchy rougher tones at higher values.

2. Crystal: This is where the magic happens. Increasing the crystal dial will clear those hard to tackle horrible problematic frequencies that cloud your music, and let what’s underneath shine through.

3. Sheen: Increasing the sheen will add subtle saturation and cohesion to your sounds, giving more gloss and glue to your individual tracks, groups or masters.

4. HPF: Increasing the HPF will add a smooth high pass filter up to 360hz, to get rid of unwanted low frequencies.

5. Mix: Altering the mix dial will blend the wet and dry signal. Making it easy to get the perfect balance of Crystal Clear applied to your music.

6. Output: Increases or lowers the overall volume of the plugin.

7. Oversampling: Engaging the oversampling increases the sound quality to a higher resolution and will give smoother results at an oversampling rate of 4x.

8. Bypass: Use the bypass to easily A/B what difference Crystal Clear is making to your sound.


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