Country Pop Mix Deconstruction with DR Ford TUTORiAL

TUTORiAL | 5.28 GB 

Tune in to this episode for some amazing mixing advice from Daniel Robert Ford, as we deconstruct his mix of “I Like the Sound of That” by the band, Ottopilot. You’ll learn how Daniel first approaches a mix, including an explanation of the production advice that he brought to this specific project. You’ll also get an in depth glimpse into this methods of session routing, organization, and how and why he uses his own custom plug-in presets.

The episode includes an in depth analysis of the mix, from the bottom up, starting with drums and bass, and moving on up to vocals. You’ll hear how and why he chose the plug-ins that he used to improve the sound, he explains how he dealt with certain issues that arose along the way. The entire episode is structured using notes that were written during the actual mixing process, giving you exceptional insight that you might not normally get during a standard mix deconstruction. It’s an amazing episode, so don’t miss it!

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