Complextro MIDI Elements Vol.1 Ableton Live Pack-MAGNETRiXX

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 03 October 2013 | 39 MB

Weighing in at just under two minutes, this Ableton Live template has everything you need to create your own outstanding Complextro style track and includes a selection of unique and masterfully-crafted Complextro sounds and samples from the Joe Zay audio artillery, from pounding drums, grinding basslines and blisteringly sharp synth leads; it really is a power house template. So, whether you are a consummate pro looking for some inspiration or a newbie to the style of Complextro looking to learn some insider techniques, this template will give you an unrivalled platform from which to launch your next Complextro project.

The great thing about all of the Clicksound MIDI Construction Templates is that all of the main elements such as drums, basslines and lead synth tracks are set up as MIDI and not bounced down as audio. This means that you can go in to each track and change any part of the structure or sound. Each MIDI track can be edited, rearranged, pitched to any key, slowed-down, sped-up, in fact you can change it in any way you want to – there are no rules and no limitations.

Expertly demonstrating the arrangement structure of a Complextro track, this template utilises the awesome power of Abelton Live’s built-in Instruments and Effects. Each sound is set up in Ableton’s Simpler and mapped to one of Joe Zay’s unique Macros which allows you to easily control and automate elements such as filters, sample start, loop length, bend, EQ and distortion…in no time, you will be creating and sculpting your own equally unique sounds, transforming the template into your own song.

Each track is assigned to one of three groups. The Beats group contains all the kicks, hats and percussion tracks. The Main group contains all the main sounds such as the bassline and synth lead tracks and the FX groups contains all the effects elements such as sweeps, booms and rises. Each track and each group has its own EQ and Compression and is then fed through to the main mastering channel.

The mastering channel contains a combination of EQ, Distortion, Saturation, Compression and Limiting. Each element within the Mastering channel has a selection of settings uniquely, crafted by Joe Zay and can easily be changed to craft your own Mastering channel.

Each track within the Ableton Arrangement View has been duplicated as Clips in the Session View. From the Session View you can launch each Clip and play around with different arrangement ideas as well as add your own audio and MIDI clips. Each Clip is colour coded and clearly marked, making it easy to quickly navigate to the different parts of the template ‘on the fly’.

This template makes great use of Ableton Live’s Macro mapping. Automation such as filters, EQ, distortion and other effects are all assigned to a Macro for easy access and control. The beauty of using Macro mapping means that any automation applied to a track in the Arrangement View is replicated in its associated track in the Session View. So, when you launch the Clip in Session View it contains all of the automation data for that track.

With lock and load simplicity and the highest of music production standards, the possibilities really are endless with Clicksound MIDI Construction Templates, giving you, the producer, complete control and instant freedom to exploit your individual creativity and imagination.

Clicksound – One Click, Complete Control.

Under The Hood:

10 Drum and Percussion Tracks
3 Bass Tracks
9 Synth Lead Tracks
19 Effects Tracks
Separate Sidechain Kick Track
Each track is assigned to one of three groups – Beats, Main and FX

Tech Specs & Info:

Ableton Live 8.2 MIDI Construction Template
Compatible with Ableton Live 9
41 Track Complextro Arrangement
130 BPM
This templates does not require any third party software
Download Size: 42MB
All associated samples and file are included in the download

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