Complex-1 Monotonix REFiLL

REFiLL | 1.27 MB

Patches for Propellerhead’s Complex-1 Synthesizer

Highly creative …. The Complex-1 Monotonix Refill boasts extremely high quality patches designed to express the creative strength of the Complex-1 Synthesizer. This sound bank has a healthy and unheard palette of unique new sounds ranging from futuristic basses, new age plucked synths, gated synths, modulated bells, synth guitars, to crazy west coast mono synth leads . This refill has 66 patches. The Complex-1 Monotonix Refill will definitely elevate the creativity in any producer or artist!


▪ 66 Total patches
▪ Every patch has unique effects and modulation assigned
▪ 2 Basses
▪ 1 Bell
▪ 2 Fx
▪11 Gated
▪ 1 Guitar Synth
▪ 39 Mono Synths
▪ 10 Plucked

System Requirements:

-Propellerhead Reason 10 or later
-Propellerhead’s Complex-1 Synthesizer

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