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11.6 GB | TEAM MAGNETRiXX 08 November 2013

CinePerc AUX is an auxiliary expansion to the other CinePerc options that will expand your template along with your creativity. These samples were recorded along with the rest of CinePerc at the SONY Scoring Stage, and were also mixed by Dennis Sands. This expansion includes many of the other colors you’ll need in your percussion writing. It includes ethnic instruments, toys, and other knick-knacks to give your pieces an extra flavor. The ability to use off-the-beaten-path sounds is essential in film, tv, and video-game writing, and we recorded every random instrument we could get a hold of!

One of the highlights of the CinePerc AUX library is this sheer variety of timbral choices. As composers, we’re always looking for ways to stand apart from the crowd in our music. With instruments like the Bodhran, Anklungs, Ethnic Chimes, Ethnic Shakers, Log Drum, Monkey Sticks, Talking Drums and Tambourika, this library will add a great variety of creative and unique auxiliary colors to your composing palette. CinePerc breaks new ground in the addition of a new “LFE/SUB” channel. All of the instruments requiring this additional low-end boost were mixed by Dennis Sands to contain this channel. So, for those of us with a surround and sub setup, you can send this LFE/SUB channel to your sub. Add that to the QUAD mix, and you have a near-final mix for large movie theaters. Along with the LFE channel (on most instruments), CinePerc adds in the standard Full Mix from Dennis Sands, Close, Overhead, Mid Room, Room and Surrounds. When the LFE is created (for the low frequency instruments) the Room and Surrounds transform into a QUAD Front and QUAD rear channel creating a perfect 4.1 environment specifically remixed by Dennis Sands. Check out the link below to see how different microphone positions can drastically change your mix, this also highlights how versatile our library can be. Click here to listen to the difference mixes from “Full” to “Close”

A01 Bongos
A02 Congas
A03 Doumbek + Darabuka
A04 Bodhran
A05 Frame Drums + Daff
A06 Cajon + Timbales
A07 Talking Drums + Udu
A08 Whale Drum + Tongue Drum
A09 Ocean Drum + Rain Sticks
A10 Tambourika + Rikh
A11 Log Drum + Apple Box
A12 Anklungs
A13 Ethnic Shakers 1
A14 Ethnic Shakers 2
A15 Ethnic Shakers Extra
A16 Puili Sticks – Singles
A17 Puili Sticks – Group
A18 Monkey Stick + Agogo
A19 Ethnic Chimes + Fish Bells
A20 Circular Bells + Finger Cymbals + Springs
A21 Glass Jars + Water Jars + Flower Pots
A22 Hardware
A23 Cuica + Guiro + Samba Whistle

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