Chords The Collection TUTORiAL


Chords The Collection TUTORiAL

P2P | 27 June 2021 | 2.3 GB

The complete basic knowledge of chord playing

What you’ll learn:
Students will learn all basic chords which they can use to play any pop song as well as improvise and compose

There are no requirements for this course, you can just jump right in

In this course you’re going to learn everything you need to know in order to play chords. After watching this course you’ll be able to play your favorite pop songs with chords, accompany friends who sing or play and instrument and you’ll be able to make your own improvisations and compositions using the chords you’ve learned in this course. You will also have the tools to find more and more complex chords on your own after completing this course.

This course is a collection of 4 courses bundled together to give you the complete basic chord knowledge.

This course features:

Course 1: The Major Chord

Course 2: The Minor Chord

Course 3: Inversions

Course 4: Special chords and combining all chords

Who this course is for
Beginner students who don’t have any knowledge of chords yet, but who want to learn to be able to read and play all basic chords.


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