Channel Robot Solid Drums v1.0 Battery KONTAKT

29 JANUARY 2013 | 1.11 GB

A total of 479 different instruments, all 44.1 Khz 24-bit wav files in 8 different velocities. Plus distorted, gated and re-pitched versions for added realism and creative possibilities. Over 1.3 Gig of data in over 16,000 single-shot wav files. Well over 1.7GB of data. The posibilities are endless(well nearly).

Plus over 25 playable kits in Kontakt, and Battery formats and over 15 GURU kits too. 1 mega-sized Kontakt multi that lets you combine any kick with any snare with any hats, with any cymbal set and any tom set, to allow you to use and create tens of thousands of different kits.

Also over 20 Kontakt 3 compatible KSP Scripts, filled with creative possibilities.25 4-bar loops and their associated MIDI files all named to associate them to the kit they came from, just to get you started in the creative process.Finally a user manual(of course) in pdf format.

36 Cymbals
36 High Hats
96 Kicks
117 Percussion
120 Snares
74 Toms

We’re pleased to announced the immediate availability of Solid Drums V1.0 our first audio sample library featuring over 1.7 GB of wav files, Kontakt, Battery and Guru Kits, MIDI files and KSP plug-ins.

Solid Drums was designed as a “foundation library” strong on high quality flexible samples for standard kits and percussion. Check out the sound samples here.

Solid Drums features over 100 kits, more than 470 instruments utilising some (but not all) of over 16,000 24-bit hand crafted wav files and more than 20 Kontakt 3+ compatible custom built KSP scripts, each designed with drum programming in mind.

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