Capsule Electric Guitars MultiFormat

P2P | Date: 07-31-2009 | Size: 329 MB

Also includes:

Authentic Electric Guitars with Incredible Performance and Realism

“…anyone looking for a solid set of electric guitars to fill out their sample collection would do well to investigate this Sonik Capsule” – Keyboard

For those of you seeking authentic electric guitar sounds to play from any MIDI controller, the Electric Guitar Capsule delivers top quality playable and expressive multisamples. Covering a wide range of styles, the Electric Guitar Capsule is suitable for Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, Pop, R&B and more.

You get an incredible variety of different guitar models to choose: Gibson Les Paul, Fender Strat, Fender Tele, Pedal Steels, Gretsch hollow bodies and more. The playing styles include mult-dynamic pick, hammer, harmonics, mutes and more, all in an excellently priced multi-format library.

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