BeatRig SideKick Extended 6 v1.7.216 CE-V.R

Team V.R | 01 Jun 2018 | 3.4MB

SideKick Extended 6 is the easiest, yet most comprehensive side-chain compressor that works in your VST and/or AU compatible host on Mac and Windows. With Side chaining you change the volume from one sound by the volume of another sound. It is most commonly used to duck (bass) sounds on each kick punch. Creating room in your mix for maximum fatness.

But you can do so much more with SideKick… Create sucking ride sounds or a wall of sound when used on a reverb. Check out the demo’s and see how they were made.
Excited to do some side-chaining? Try the free demo. Add it to your cart on the right, check out, and you’ll receive an email with download link and trial serial. Make sure to check out the quickstart guide and you will be side-chaining within minutes.

•ducking/keying in one continues slider.
•load up to 32 instances.
•16 freely assignable send channels.
•sidechain filtering.
•sidechain monitoring.
•built-in tube saturation.
•easy to use interface.
•load/save presets.
•works as VST & AU on Mac and Win.

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