BEAT Magazine Issue 220 May 2024 PDF

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BEAT Magazine Issue 220 May 2024 PDF

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Beat 05/24: Mixing fast & productive – 7 Steps To The Perfect Sound

While some people mix intuitively during production, for others the mixdown is a separate process with strict rules. The goal is the same in both cases: tracks that are as powerful as possible and transparent songs with depth. But what equipment do you need? How do you get the best out of equalizers, compressors, etc.? What are the advantages of hardware mixers, equalizers and compressors? Can you adequately assess a mix with headphones? On 19 pages we give you all the answers to the topic and at the same time provide a seven-point plan with which you can get any mix under control.

Hands-on: Efficient mixing with the right mixing strategy

Often when you are faced with a new mixing job you seem to stand there like a duck in a thunderstorm: How should I approach it, where do I want to go – and how do I achieve my goal? Our 7-point plan makes it easier to reach the sound maximum easier.

Free synth: EDM genius Syntorial Primer 2

At first glance, the Syntorial Primer software synthesizer appears somewhat inconspicuous. But if you take a closer look, you quickly realize how flexible this virtual-analogue sound generator is. Its sound spectrum ranges from classic analog Basses, Leads, Pads and effect sounds to contemporary sounds for electronic music and club productions. Curious? Then install it and off you go.

Test: Yamaha SEQTRAK – 11 tracks for on the go

After a long time there is once again a groovebox from Yamaha, the concept and design of which could also come from Teenage Engineering. SEQTRAK aims to offer a mobile music production solution that lets you unleash your creativity anywhere and capture your ideas in no time thanks to a fast workflow. We tested whether the small box meets this requirement.

Recreate Top-Ten Sounds: „Komet“ by Apache 207 & Udo Lindenberg

The desire to have the ONE sound at home, the one track that you can‘t get out of your ear, unites us Producers. Listen once, turn the knobs, done. But transferring what you‘ve heard to the right parameters with the right values takes training. We build two sounds from hot songs every month in the Track Spotlight – this time „Frieden“ by KIZ and „Komet“ by Apache 207 & Udo Lindenberg.

For free: 178 chromatic percussion and drum kits – DRUMZ für Zampler & MPCs

If you’re in search for special sounds, exclusive treatment is the key. But did you ever try playing your drums and percussions like instruments instead within static rhythms? That’s where DRUMZ is here to help! Featuring 93 colourful drum and percussion sounds that can be played chromatically on your keyboard makes all drums feel like instruments. On top you’ll find 85 classic kits and 209 Tempest & Aira loops for good measure. Drum roll, please!


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