BEAT Magazine Issue 219 April 2024 PDF


BEAT Magazine Issue 219 April 2024 PDF

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Beat 04/24: Modular Racks – Your entry in 10 minutes

Modular gear is no longer a “fiddly topic for nerds”, but can now be found as hardware and software in most studios – with and without a rack. So it‘s time for the ultimate overview! In the extensive special, we show what is important when buying a case, answer the most important and frequently asked questions about modules and systems, talk to innovative manufacturers and YouTubers, test current must-have modules and give you the best patch ideas to download.

Case study: The perfect place for your modules
When entering the Eurorack world, you can‘t avoid choosing a case. But where to start? There are so many different options! We will introduce you to some questions that will help you make a decision and give examples of recommendations that we believe have proven to be effective. In our table you will find a selection of solid, valuable cases that can be a good starting point depending on your intended use and preference.

Get 2 instruments by Applied Acoustics for free – worth 78 €
There‘s double reason to be happy this month: our friends at Applied Acoustic Systems are giving you two inspiring sound instruments. There are a total of 69 packs to choose from. Simply choose your two favorites. From trendy club sounds and vintage analog sounds to experimental soundscapes and expressive simulations of percussion and string instruments, everything is included and inspiration is guaranteed!

Test: Behringer UB-Xa – Oberheim for a budget?
Behringer spent 6 years and 3.5 million US-Dollars developing its second polyphonic synthesizer. The expectations were therefore high, as the replica of the legendary Oberheim OB-Xa has even more to offer than the original – at least in theory.

Hands-on: Producing like Dua Lipa & Raf Camora
The desire to have that ONE sound at home, that one track that you can‘t get out of your ear, unites us Producers. Listen once, turn the knobs, done. But transferring what you‘ve heard to the right parameters with the right values takes training. In the Track Spotlight, we show you two sounds from currently hot songs every month – this month „Liebe Grüsse“ by RAF Camora and Ski Aggu and „Houdini“ by Dua Lipa.

AI producer: Swapping voices with AI
New AI tools and techniques are now coming onto the market at such as pace that something like voice swap is almost „old hat“. And so, Voice-Swap is not necessarily the first, but in comparison, it is one of the fairest of the voice swaps. This is because the website involves the singers whose voices were used to train the AI.

Another freebie: 3,6 GB riser, downer & textures for Zampler and Akai MPCs
Nothing goes without FX! Atmos & effects aren‘t just gap fillers, they create tension, announce lead sounds, introduce arrangement changes and simply add that “ OOMPH” to your tracks. So look forward to a massive 3.6 GB of destroyed pianos, crazy synths, hellish textures, blips, risers, downers and jungle atmos that will accelerate your sound.


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