BEAT Magazine 217 February 2024 PDF


BEAT Magazine 217 February 2024 PDF

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Beat 02/24: How To Use Social Media for more Sales & Bookings

More clicks, more views, more recognition. Anyone who produces music expects feedback for their work in some way – be it likes, comments, sales, bookings or remix orders. To let the outside world know about you and your sound, social media channels need to be used – but please do it authentically and with full fervor! Whether it‘s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, these platforms only develop their full impact when you use them together skillfully. Beat explains step by step how to proceed so that you get more sales and bookings in the end.

24 tips to become a Social Media pro – with little effort
Everyone‘s posting, everyone‘s sharing on Tik Tok, Instagram, Soundcloud etc. – but where is the time to produce music? We have 24 tips for you so that you don‘t lose your head in everyday social media life. From planning to content production to evaluation, you will become a professional when it comes to reels, shorts and live streams.

Free full version: GForce impOSCar2 – Synth beast on steroids!
The OSCar from 1983 is one of the most outstanding vintage synths from Great Britain. With its unique sound, digitally controlled oscillators and analog filters, it inspired Ultravox, Orbital, BT, Underworld and Jean-Michel Jarre. And soon, you, too? Why not try it out with your new impOSCar2, which brings the sound of this cult synth to your DAW!

Test: Behringer JT-4000 Micro – Roland JP8000 for your pocket
Small, smaller, Behringer! From the outside, the JT-4000 is indeed a micro, but under the hood works a powerful 4-voice hybrid synthesizer with the unmistakable influence of the Roland JP-8000, which was legendary especially in the Trance genre.

Workshop: LoFi Hip-Hop vibes & Study Beats in 6 steps
Alongside the relatively new genres of Phonk and Hyperpop, LoFi has been the hippest shit for a while now. Soothing, chilled out… the perfect sound for a relaxed evening after work. It‘s handy that we have a trick up our sleeve that you can use to create authentic LoFi beats and hooklines yourself.

Workshop: Ace sound for your podcast & audio book
Have you ever recorded a podcast, audiobook or radio play, but the sound leaves a lot to be desired? Whether you‘ve used a smartphone, a tablet or an inexpensive microphone, Cubase has all the tools you need to turn your voice recordings into a professional sound experience. In this workshop, you‘ll learn how to give them the polish they deserve and bring them up to Spotify podcast level.

Another freebie: 1,5 GB Casio & Teenage Engineering for your Zampler & MPC
Ever heard of Venom? M-Audio‘s plastic box won‘t win a flower pot for its look and yet enjoys cult status, because it sounds surprisingly fat! Just like Casio‘s beginner synth XW-G1, which, despite all critics, delivers rich sounds. The trio is rounded off with TE‘s OP-1, which can do far more than you would expect from a pocket calculator of the future. So, look forward to 95 unique patches that you won‘t hear from any other synth!


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