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BBE Sound Inc. and Nomad Factory Announces the Stomp Ware Plugins. BBE Sound Inc. and Nomad Factory are proud to announce their collaboration in the development and design of the Stomp Ware Plug-Ins.

Building on the success of the D82 Sonic Maximizer plug-in, the Sonic Sweet is a suite of professional plug-ins useful for every facet of digital audio production, giving your projects a high-quality finishing touch to every stage of production, from tracking to editing, mixing to mastering.

D82 Sonic MaximizerThe D82 is the latest Sonic Maximizer application in a easy-to-use plug-in that restores natural clarity and depth to the sound image.

H82 HARMONIC MAXIMIZERThe H82 Harmonic Maximizer is a Multi-band enhancer that generates harmonics for adding emphasis to frequencies, from low-end punch to top-end sizzle.

L82 LOUDNESS MAXIMIZERThe L82 Loudness Maximizer is an effective, easy-to -use Mastering/Dynamics Limiter that fattens up tracks for a polished, professional feel

Stomp Ware is a suite of eight plugins modeled from BBE Sound very own line of boutique analog stomp boxes. The suite consists of the Free Fuzz (‘70 fuzz), Green Screamer (vintage overdrive), Mind Bender (vibrato/chorus), Opto Stomp (optical compressor), Sonic Stomp (Sonic Maximizer), Soul Vibe (‘60 rotary speaker simulator), Tremor (vintage tremolo) and Two Timer (analog delay) to warm up every facet of digital audio production.

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