Aurora FM v1.5.0 WIN-R2R

Aurora FM v0.26.2 Incl Keygen-R2R

Aurora FM v1.5.0 WIN

Team R2R | 2023.07.15 | 2 MB

Aurora FM
Modern 6-operator pure FM synthesizer with advanced modulation

6-operator, 32-algorithm advanced FM synthesizer with 8 sine-based waveforms, 30 voices, deep modulation, effects (overdrive, chorus, delay, reverb), and performance features
Single-screen, everything-visible, non-skeuomorphic UI with controls designed for efficient mouse interaction and visual feedback; no hidden parameters, tabs, menu-diving, etc.
DPI-aware and custom scaling from 50-150%
Much more than a mere DX7 emulation – Aurora FM translates Yamaha DX7/21/27/100/11 & TX81Z patches but is a superior, semi-modular, flexible, highly-usable modern instrument for musicians and synthesists
100% original SSE-optimized C++ code (no SynthEdit, no VSTGUI, no 3rd party libraries), high-resolution sine generators, and full-rate sample-accurate modulation combine for a great sound
Inspired by modulation monsters like the Alesis Ion and Waldorf Q


The following operator parameters can be simultaneously randomized for all 6 operators with the addition of +CTRL to the MMB randomize function (which still includes +ALT to include all the parameters in the functional group (listed together)):
Waveform, Sync Phase, Depth
FB Amt, FB In Op
Looped envelopes now show loop length (in time (Fixed) or bars (Sync)) when the cursor is over the envelope or loop control.
When setting either the Patch name or Part name on a modified Init Patch with a single Part, the other name is automatically set to the same thing.
Can search/advance through the Patch/Part selector Pop-List controls and the Patch Manager List controls with the character keys (a-z, 0-9).
Added a couple tasty new patches to the Factory Demo Bank.
Improved the band-limiting of the square and saw LFO’s when oversampling.
Voice limit raised from 40 to 64. (This is the end of the line, shoulda just done it forever ago but I honestly didn’t know some people were disatisfied with 40.)
Very nice performance improvements (~10-12%-ish?) due to finally solving an issue with MSVC’s abysmal optimization of a particular very important core function.
Small but not-insignificant GUI rendering performance improvements on Windows, and major improvements under Wine/Linux.
Minor GUI, scaling, and theme tweaks and improvements.
SO. MANY. BUGS. :-O (I’m not even going to list them all because there were far too many and it’s utterly mortifying and I wouldn’t be able to handle the shame of itemizing each and every one of my copious failures…)


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