AudioSwitcher v3.08 MacOSX-HCiSO


AudioSwitcher v3.08 MacOSX

HCiSO | 11 May 2021 | 3 MB

Quick and easy control over AirPlay and other audio devices. AudioSwitcher is a menu bar that allows you to switch quickly between all available input and output devices. In addition you can change the volume of any device without having to change your current input / output. You can quickly change the sample rate or output to multiple devices at the same time.

Using the preferences screen you can choose to ignore certain devices, set a default start-up input or output device as well as it’s volume.

AudioSwitcher supports any device available to the system: AirPlay, USB, HDMI, Thunderbolt, Bluetooth etc.

AudioSwitcher is ideal if you have multiple sound devices attached to your Mac and want to be able to switch between them without having to use System Preferences.

It’s great for a home theatre set-up allowing selection of default devices (and their volumes) on start-up as well as allowing you to quickly route output to AirPlay devices in one click.

Here are some things to be aware of:

It is not possible on the majority of current consumer Mac hardware to switch between headphones and the internal speakers when there is a headphone jack physically connected.
Volume control is only supported if the hardware device provides a volume control; HDMI, notably, does not.
Multiple device output is not suitable for AirPlay or Bluetooth devices – on current versions of OS X you’re going to hear some audible feedback (buzzing)

3.0.811 May 2021

– Fixes to the priority screen to stop priorities being lower than 0

– Fixes to the priority screen to stop devices automatically sorting based on priority


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