Ask Video Pro Tools 104 Mixing and Automation TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | Nov 16 2018 | 571 MB

Pro Tools is considered be the gold standard for recording and mixing audio. Learn how to use every Pro Tools’ mixing and automation feature in this 2-hour + course by audio expert Joe Albano.

Ask any audio engineer what is the industry standard for recording and mixing audio and the answer will most likely be “Pro Tools”. In fact, knowing Pro Tools is pretty much a requirement for working in any professional studio. Whether you’re producing your own songs at home or you’re mixing a full orchestra in a big studio, you need to watch this course to get your Pro Tools mixing skills up to speed!

The course starts with a brief history of mixing where you learn how the art evolved from yesterday’s simple mono and stereo recordings to today’s complex multitrack sessions. Then, Joe covers Pro Tools’ mixer, channel strips, busses and auxes in great detail, while demystifying the important concept of signal flow.

You look at the all the basic mixing tools in the context of different mixing sessions. You learn about levels, panning, using effects, mixing strategies… You discover all about automation, including its various modes. And once all the leveling, processing and automation is done, it’s time to learn to bounce your final mix.

So watch this comprehensive mixing & automation course, and get your Pro Tools skills up to speed with expert trainer Joe Albano!

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