Ars Nova Software Counterpointer v2.052 WiN

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Counterpointer is the first counterpoint instruction software ever to offer evaluation of both species and free counterpoint, and can serve both as a self-contained introduction to counterpoint and as a tool to accompany counterpoint textbooks.

Counterpointer includes notation tools for entering and saving music and more than 150 user-controllable style rules. It offers:

– Species counterpoint exercises based on the Fux examples (2, 3, and 4 parts)
– Species counterpoint exercises based on a cantus firmus invented by the computer – always new
– Exercises in realizing Roman numerals in 4-part vocal harmony (harmony based on Bach examples)
– Exercises in realizing figured bass in 4-part vocal harmony (harmony and bass from Bach examples)
– Free counterpoint in 2-8 voices using your own choice of style rules
– An onscreen manual offering a basic introduction to counterpoint and explanations of each rule

Compositions can be saved, heard, printed, and exported as MIDI files. Counterpointer’s student file is the same type as those used by Practica Musica: if you are already a Practica Musica student you can use the same student file to do work in Counterpointer, and your exercise scores will be added to those earned in Practica Musica.

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