Analog Obsession Latest Skins by Pablinimaxd


Analog Obsession Latest Skins

Analog Obsession Skins | 60.64 MB

Hello this is Pablinimaxd!

Again, I made new graphic skins but this time is for the latest Analog Obsession plugins, because I consider that these skins are bored, no offenses with the owner of the brand but I think That.

I made these skins with details and a lot of work, please comment and share it with your friends and make more exciting and amazing music with it

Include all the latest dimensions of the latest Analog Obsession plugins (except the latest SSL eq Skin, only the one before this one)

What is included:

Besureness: N87 (neumann u87) and T251 (telefunken M251E)

Britchannel: Neve 1073 EQ

Britpressor: 2254 Neve comp

Brutus: Inward Conections The Brute Limiter

Buster: SSL G Bus Compressor Rack

BXQ: Dangerous Bax Eq

Chopa: New one by Analog Obsession

Combox: API 500 series Eq

DELA: New One delay from Analog Obsession

Distox: Distortion Unity by Analog Obsession

EAQ: EAR 825Q rack

Fetish: 1176 UREI limiter

Filteq: Filtek German Eq

Fiver: Rupert Neve Portico 5033 Eq

Harqules: Harrison 32C Analog EQ

HLQ: Helios Eq

Holycomp: Fairchild 670 comp

Jamp: Marshall JCM800 Emulation

Kolin: Collins 26U Vari Mu limiter

LCF: Neve Filter Style EQ

Mpreq: Variation of Pultec Eq by Analog Obsession

Neqme: Neumann W492 Eq

NVQ: Neve 1073 eq unity

NVTQ: Neve 31102 Eq unity

OAQ: Charter OaK Peq-1 Eq

OSS: Retro Gates STA 176 Compressor

PEQ: PEV-b German Eq

PreBox: Preamp Box by Analog Obsession

Pureq: Hammer 2 Dual Mono Eq

Rare: Pultec eq

Rollamp: Fender Twin Amp emulation

SEQ: Siemens w295b German eq

SSQ: Solid State Logic E channel EQ

Sweet Drums: Drum Processor by Analog Obsession

TEQ: Telefunken W395a Rare Vintage Eq

TRAX: SPL TDX Transient Designer

TREQ: Trident 80b Eq

Tubelm: Inward Connections Tube Limiter

Varimoon: Esoteric Audio Research Vintage Vari Mu Limiter

Yala: Altec 438A compressor


1. Go to your plugins Folder VST or AU

2. On Mac, right clic, Show package contents, Resources, and Replace it! (backup your oldest first just in case you need to go back to the old skin)

3. On Windows I think is the same process, (sorry I don´t work on windows)

4. Enjoy the new skins!

I am a passionate graphic designer, musician and a Sound Engineer of course. Enjoy these skins, more coming soon (New Waves, SKnote, Audio Assault and more)… Works on Mac and Win.


INFO/ DEMO : n/a

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