AmbiophonicDSP v. 1.2 WIN x86


AmbiophonicDSP v. 1.2 WIN

WIN x86| 4.17 MB

AmbiophonicDSP frees music from the confines of speaker-space. This is a revolutionary step forward from conventional stereo.

AmbiophonicDSP is a very powerful, yet very affordable, Effect VST™ (Steinberg GmbH) plug-in that dramatically boosts performance listening to stereo audio. Using Winamp, or any VST host in your PC, AmbiophonicDSP renders sound previously unheard, awaiting in your recording collection. AmbiophonicDSP takes stereo to an entirely new level. It must be experienced to be believed.

The AmbiophonicDSP VST plugin is the fruition of many years of research by audio engineeing luminary Robin Miller and founder, Howard Moscovitz. The AmbiophonicDSP incorporates several new algorithm developments not found in any other audio device, either hardware or software. This one is the state-of-the-art, the gold standard.

Easy to operate with factory presets and savable User presets, AmbiophonicDSP achieves astonishing sonic realism and spacial clairity.

AmbiophonicDSP restores the original recording angle of up to 120° audio stage width (compared to a maximum of 60° in conventional stereo) with lifelike imaging, spatiality, and tone color (timbre). Ambience and reflections achieve listener envelopment (LEV), though from all existing stereo recordings and only two speakers. Individual voices have clarity and space rivaling surround sound. Solo voices and center sounds are adjustable within the mix without affecting widening, are free of the coloration of stereo’s phantom comb-filtering, and are free of the perceptual confusion when center sounds come from speakers not actually in front*.

AmbiophonicsDSP is distributed by and is supported by Howard Moscovitz and Robin Miller on the Ambiophonics forum. Like the renound Klee Sequencer, the AmbiophonicDSP is another fruit of our community, without which this amazing tool might not exist. Proceeds from purchases help support our site.

Note: this is a 32 bit program. Some newer versions of DAWs like, Cubase, won’t support 32 bit – sigh. Others like Reaper will.


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