AlgoMusic M51galaxy v1.1 VSTi

Team AMPLiFY | 07.25.2006 | 6.52 MB

M51galaxy VSTI Long in development, the M51 has finally arrived to our own galaxy. Sporting custom modules and hybrid synthesis along with rythmic algorithmic generators, the M51 can be used for anything from ambientspace to high techno trance music.
Based on the modulating system of the M42 Nebula VSTi, the M51 offers Phase Distortion, Virtual Analog and FM to create a unique blend of crisp, warm and metallic sounds. Inspired by the M51 Whirlpool Galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici.

“A galaxy of sound to explore.”


2 completely independent synths with each:

– PDO (Phase Distortion Oscillator) with 2*8 waveforms.
– SUB (VA Oscillator) with 7 waveforms and a 12dB/oct SV Filter.
– FM capability for metallic sounds.
– Ensemble, Detune, Mono mode, Portamento, Vibrato.
– Two 8 Stage Graphic Envelopes (AMP and MOD)
– LFO (BPM synced) with an unique Arpeggiator.
– Pulsar (BPM synced, creates the algorithmic element).
– Easy to operate 3 * 5 Modulation Matrix

– Stereo Chorus/Flanger.
– Stereo BPM synced Cross-Delay.
– Autopanner.
– 2 Warps with distortion (no/soft/hard) and resonant lowpass filter.

– Keyboard split
– Virtual keyboard for audition
– 16 step trance gate
– Multitimbrality: 2
– Polyphony: 6 voices (each synth).

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