Albino Presets COLLECTION 7,000

Albino Presets COLLECTION 7,000 | 25.26 MB

Albino Vol.1 – Basses
Albino Vol.2 – Leads
Albino Vol 3.- Pads & Texutures
Albino Vol 4.- Modulatory Madness
Albino Vol 5. – Essential Soundz
Ambient Sounds
Arksun Minibank
Arpeggiator Sounds
Arpeggiator Sounds 1
Arpeggiator Sounds 2
Bigtone Ambient Excursion Soundset
BT Ambient Synths
BT Basses
BT Drums
BT Keys
BT Oldschool Synths
BT One Fingered Arps
BT Pads
BT Semi Real
BT Seq
BT Trance – Techno Synths
Cyberworm DnB Presets
Dan Broad Vol. 2
Dan Broad Vol. 3
Dan Broad Bank 1
Dan Broad Bank 2
Dan Broad Bank 3
Dan Broad Bank 4
Dance Leads
Deep Basses
Digital Basses
Diverse Sounds
Drum’n’Bass Presets
Drum and Percusssion
DSF Albino Presets
ES for Albino Electro V.1 DemoBank
ES for Albino PsyTrance V.1 DemoBank
ES for Albino Techno V.1 DemoBank
ES for Albino Trance V.1 DemoBank
Essential Soundz
Extra 2.1 Presets
Extra 2.2 Presets
Extra Box Presets
Gator Prests
Goblin Trance Bank Vol. 1
Goblin Trance Bank Vol. 2
Head Hunter Presets
Ian Boddy Electronica Signature Set
IB Ambient Keys
IB Analoque FX
IB Atmospheres
IB Bells
IB Drones
IB Mono Synths
IB Percussive Loops
IB Rhytmic Pads
IB Sequences
IB Synth & Keys
James Harris Bank
Modulatory Madness
ModWhl Seq. Sounds
Moving Sounds
NavanaX Presets
Noisia DnB Presets
Pads & Textures
Percussive Synth
ProSounds – Demo Bank
ProSounds – Free Set 1
ProSounds – Free Set 2
ProSounds – Yemski Arps & Grooves Demo
Psyload Albino Bank
Reyn Presets
Sequence Sounds
Simon Foster Soundbank
Soundorder – Akbino 3 Soundset
Sound – Scapes Demo
Spratmans Albino Organ and Weirdness
Super Pads
Swing Basses
Synth Basses
Synth FX
Synth Leads
Synth Sounds
Synth Sounds 1
Synth Sounds 2
Teksonik Vol.1
Teksonik Vol.2
Teksonik – Soundset
Tim Conrady Patches
Trance & Dance Chords
Visaphon Bank
Vol.1 Bases
Vol.2 Leads
Vol.3 Pads & Textures
Vol.4 Modulatory Madness
Vol.5 Esssential Soundz
Way2WhiteNoize – Bank 3
Yemski Arps & Grooves
Yemski Sound – Scapes
Z – Pattern Arp

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