Airwave Box of Noise for Omnisphere 2.6

2020.06.06 I  291 MB

Box of Noise for Omnisphere 2.6 is a very creative sound design/noise adventure created using found samples and noises! This is 100% totally new content for Omnisphere 2.6 with a strong emphasis on rhythm and grooves using samples and noises to power the grooves.
It features 208 new samples (Found Sounds Airwave has recorded from his kitchen, his kids school and other places out and about Brussels, Belgium) used to make over 400 Patches and 17 drum groove Multis that are super cool and inspiring for all sorts of musical genres. EVERY Patch & Multi are using only noise or sound effects to make the sounds you hear… some very creative (and in some cases, never before discovered) techniques are used to make what you hear in this library. This library features 4 MIDI CC#s (1,2,4 and 67) connected to different destinations for maximum flexibility when used in your music!

414 Patches
17 Multis
208 Samples

Under the “Utility” menu in Omnisphere 2.6, select “Load .omnisphere file” from the list of selections, navigate to the .omnisphere file found inthe folder this message is in and select it – it will automatically be loaded into Omnisphere for playing. Load this library by clicking the “Directories” menu at the upper Left, under “User Directories” you’ll find the 3rd party libraries you’ve installed. Load and play

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