Agent v1.4.3.0 VST WiN-R2R


Agent v1.4.3.0 VST WiN-R2R

Team R2R | Dec 21 2016 | 64 MB

AGENT is a unified control surface for all your Audio Plug-Ins. It provides the complete platform for controlling Audio Plug-Ins, delivering customization, while increasing performance and reliability.

AGENT has been in development for two years and was conceived to address some of what we see as fundamental weaknesses that have evolved in workflow in the digital domain. Probably the most important weakness we saw in the plugin market was the inability to associate a hardware controller with more than 1 plugin at a time. We solve this problem by creating a virtual control surface with all your plugins already loaded into it. Now you can simply associate AGENT to your hardware controller and you have the ability to map 16 plugins simultaneously to your controller.

The AGENT’s virtual control surface is also cross platform and as such designed to become the central element of your effects processes. You can develop a series of channel strips designed to meet the needs of particular tracks (drums, vocal, guitar etc…) save them and recall them in any project on any DAW thereby vastly simplifying and speeding up your mix setup. Because all your effects are accessible through the unified AGENT interface you can also greatly improve efficiency during a mix project. Then with AGENT’s midi learn functionality you can do all this with the hardware controller you already own creating a truly amazing improvement in your controllers usability.

Nyrv Systems has updated AGENT to v1.4.3.0. This update is focused on fixing the themes and preset system so they better interact together.


Global themes now saves the AGENT Theme and restores it properly.
Page Presets now save the Theme and prompts user if he wants to recall it.
Global saved skin will not be overwritten by other skins in skin folder.
Clicking on an empty control on ConfigPage shouldn’t open the ConfigModule.


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