AD056 Replicant 3 v3.0.9 LiNUX WiN macOS-ohsie


Replicant 3 v3.0.9 LiNUX WiN macOS

ohsie | 8 May 2024 | 136 MB

Replicant 3 is the latest version of our popular Replicant series, which began with the release of the original Replicant in 2007. With its intuitive interface and powerful sound design capabilities, this innovative tool empowers you to enhance your audio creations and bring your artistic vision to life.

Replicant 3 offers a wide range of features that allow you to manipulate audio in exciting new ways. You can use the built-in sequencer to create custom rhythmic patterns that let you you loop, reverse, and re-slice audio in real-time, while applying delay, filter, panning, ring modulation, and bit-crushing effects.

From dance music to hip hop to experimental to IDM, Replicant is perfect for taking your audio creations to new realms. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, you can create complex rhythmic patterns, glitch effects, and intricate textures. Try Replicant 3 today and you might be amazed at the new possibilities that this innovative tool opens up for your music production and sound design.


– Rewritten from bare metal to take advantage of advances in DSP since the original was released.
– Replicant 3 includes an all-new, easier-to-understand GUI.
– REPLICATOR engine now has arbitrary number of steps, from 3 to 16 per measure, and SIZE control has multiple size modes, from dotted notes through to nontuplets
– Along with the original STUTTER slice effect, Replicant 3 acquires DELAY, REDUKT, and RINGMOD slice effects.
– Event FX now includes ENVELOPE feature, for cross-fading slices.
– Manual trigger (for touchscreens) and MIDI trigger for full non-sequenced control of the slicing engine.
– Our new-style preset manager, featuring XML-based cross-platform/format presets.

Windows 10 or newer and a 64-bit DAW.

CLAP, VST3, AAX, AudioUnit
Universal Binary 2 for Intel/M1 macOS 10.13 or newer and a 64-bit DAW.

AUv3 64-bit
iOS 11 or newer and a separate purchase in the iOS App Store.

Ubuntu 22 or later and a 64-bit DAW


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