ZhongHu GaoHu BanHu and JingHu KONTAKT

P2P | 12 January 2020 | 5.53 GB

These four are different types of Hu fiddles. Not as popular as ErHu, but they all are essential fiddles. Highest pitched Hu fiddle in the HuQin family.


A new type of HuQin designed as the counterpart of the Viola in the Chinese Orchestra in the 20th century.


Another member of the HuQin family, with a higher pitch scale.


A memeber of the Chinese HuQin family. The soundbox is made of wood, hence a different sound character than other Hu fiddles.

All four Chinee fiddles have been carefully sampled and designed to provide the musicians with special legato playability and as the result, an easier ways to do live performance or live take.


JingHu is heavily used in the Peking Opera.

Kontakt 5.7.3+

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