Wave Repair v4.9.5 WinALL Regged-BLiZZARD

Team BLiZZARD | 02 February 2020 | 3 MB

Wave Repair is a shareware editor specifically designed for the restoration of WAV files that were recorded from vinyl records. It can also be used to process recordings made from tapes, but its restoration features are intended mainly for records. The name is perhaps a little unfortunate. You might think that Wave Repair is a program for fixing broken WAV files (eg. with invalid headers), which it isn’t. In hindsight, I should have chosen a different name, but I’m stuck with it now.

Restoration Facilities:
Direct to disk recording
Manually redraw waveforms at any level of zoom
Linear and Bezier interpolation
Spectral replacement
Fade-in and fade-out
Removal of unwanted segments
Waveform smoothing
Various block copying facilities
Reduction of vinyl hash (“decrackling”)
Broadband noise reduction
Automatic click detection and repair with realtime preview
Manual review of detected clicks
Equalisation with realtime preview
Filters with realtime preview
Channel Mixer with realtime preview

CDR Preparation Facilities:
Compression and Volume Adjustment with realtime preview
Automatically find track split points
Split tracks on CD block boundaries
Create CDRWin-style cue sheets (supports tracks and indexes)

User Interface:
Waveform and Spectral display modes
Zoom to any level on both axes (time and amplitude)
Unlimited levels of Undo and Redo
Macro facility
Batch mode
User-configurable colours and menu shortcuts
Interface to the clipboard

General File Handling:
Supports large WAV files (up to 4GB)
Works only with 16 bit stereo WAV files (44.1 or 48 kHz)

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