VirSyn VSTi VST RTAS PlugIns Pack WiN

VirSyn VSTi VST RTAS PlugIns Pack WiN

VirSyn VSTi VST RTAS PlugIns Pack WiN

AiR/ASSiGN | 2009/2011 | 177 MB
..:: VST, VSTi, RTAS, x86, x64 ::..

The human voice is the most sophisticated and versatile instrument used in musical expression. With CANTOR an exciting new era of realtime vocal synthesis begins right now ! Imaging entering your lyrics in plain english and then “sing” your lyrics instantly just by playing the melody on your MIDI Keyboard

f you thought that everything is already invented then POSEIDON will wake you up !

The multiband filter BARK takes the approach to match the reception characteristic of the final destination
of all sound: the ear.

The multi-band delay machine FDELAY is an exciting tool for sound design and loop manipulation in realtime.

KLON is a realtime Pitchshifting and correction Tool ideally suited for Choir generation, Harmonizing and more…

MATRIX sets a new milestone in the long history of Vocoders started by Homer Dudley in 1936.

PRISM opens a new door into selective pitch manipulation.

Back to the future! REFLECT is an algorithmic reverberation plugin which combines the flexibility of vintage algorithmic reverbs with the sonic quality of convolution based reverbs.

The idea behind the Transient Former TDESIGN is to give the user direct control over the attack and sustain characteristics of natural sounds.

VTAPE is a set of two plugins based on a thorough simulation of the famous sound of analog tape machines.

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