Vintage DrumKits for Nexus 3 (converted from Nexus 2 Expansion)


Vintage DrumKits for Nexus 3

Nexus 3 Presets | 265 MB

Ripped and converted from the original Nexus 2 Expansion – Vintage DrumKits (Nexus2_Expansion_Vintage_DrumKits.nxp)

This expansion features 65 complete drumkits (each containing 61 GM-mapped samples), 66 loops and 10 bonus-sequences.

Virtually every cult-machine is represented but modern kits are featured as well.

Presets converted to Nexus 3


* Works offline
* NKS previews included
* Library icon resource included
* Tested with v3.4.4 and v3.3.9


* See old news for description

* “ReFX Nexus 3 Vintage Expansion Bundle” released elsewhere included a “XP Vintage Synth” presets folder
which is not really a part of the “ReFX Vintage Drumkits” (the original nxp for Nexus 2 release did not have this folder)

* “XP Vintage Synth” presets folder is actually from the very large messy collection of Nexus third party presets available online.

* “XP Vintage Synth” is not the same as “XP Vintage Synths” which is a new upcoming expansion from ReFX. You can check the new expansion teaser “Vintage Synths here


1. Extract Presets, NKS and Samples to their relevant folders.
Eg: DRIVE:\Nexus 3\Samples

2. For resource icon extract svg to
PC C:\Users\[YOUR Username]\AppData\Roaming\reFX\cloud\cache\images
MAC ~Library/Application Support/reFX/cloud/cache/images

If you have the “XP Artist Series KSHMR” expansion, then you probably know or didnt know the DR Crash, DR Hats and DR Toms previews are not right.
KSHMR fixed NKS preview files are included.


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