VH-HW-4123 – Hiwatt 4123 4×12 IR

vh hw 4123 hiwatt 4123 4x12 ir

VH-HW-4123 – Hiwatt 4123 4×12 IR

WAV | 29.9 MB

Hiwatt SE4123 4×12″ 16 ohm cabinet loaded with original Fane speakers. Incredible sounding vintage Hiwatt cabinet.

These cabs are hard to find. This is a similar cab that David Gilmour used on his iconic albums.

VH-HW-4123 44100Hz-16bit-170ms
VH-HW-4123 44100Hz-16bit-500ms
VH-HW-4123 44100Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-HW-4123 44100Hz-24bit-500ms
VH-HW-4123 48000Hz-16bit-170ms
VH-HW-4123 48000Hz-16bit-500ms
VH-HW-4123 48000Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-HW-4123 48000Hz-24bit-500ms
VH-HW-4123 96000Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-HW-4123 96000Hz-24bit-500ms

Each folder containing RAW and MP waves

Note about homepage: This product have been discontinued so I have to use web archive.

INFO/ DEMO : n/a

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