VH-FE-CSBM4x10 (CS LEO BassMan) IRs

vh fe csbm4x10 cs leo bassman irs

VH-FE-CSBM4x10 (CS LEO BassMan) IRs

WAV | 27 MB

CS LEO BssMan (Pics)
Here we go with something special for the “no gain-low gain”-fraction! A 59′ Bassman! Owned by the austrian pro-guitarist Conrad Schrenk and loaded with 2 Alnico Blue 10″ and 2 Alnico Gold 10″ speaker, it’s the right stuff for mild styles like Jazz, Blues, Country, Funk or even low gain rock.

VH-FE-CSBM4x10 44100Hz-16bit-170ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 44100Hz-16bit-500ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 44100Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 44100Hz-24bit-500ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 48000Hz-16bit-170ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 48000Hz-16bit-500ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 48000Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 48000Hz-24bit-500ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 96000Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-FE-CSBM4x10 96000Hz-24bit-500ms

Each folder containing RAW and MP waves

Note about homepage: This product have been discontinued so I have to use web archive.

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