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Hello I’m Joe Pinnavaia — welcome to my TrueFire Foundry course, Fretboard PowerUp, which I produced in my own studio.This Course is designed for students who want to improve their fretboard knowledge of the guitar by using creative practice methods.

Understanding the fretboard and knowing where you are on the fretboard (at all times) is critical to becoming a better musician and improviser. It’s not an easy task to tackle, and can be labor intensive at the beginning, but once you have the foundation to build upon, you will see things differently on the fretboard (and it will all be worth it).

This course will get you there quickly!

You will learn how to use octaves to visualize the fretboard, and also help you recognize scale shapes all over the neck. Our triad study will prepare you for more advanced harmony work and will help you see shapes and develop various ways of practicing scales and arpeggios to boost your fretboard knowledge immediately.

The Cycle of 4th’s is a concept that many players have heard about, but are not familiar with it or using it effectively. In this curriculum, we will look at how to use this musical tool for maximum benefit. Intervals, modal techniques and even arpeggios can also be used to help you gain complete control over the fretboard. We’ll look at them all!

While the concepts in this material can be used by any student at any level, this course will be most helpful for students who have some playing experience and already have a grasp of basic playing skills such as scale shapes, arpeggios and some patterns.Fretboard PowerUp will save you hours of frustration in learning how to navigate the fretboard. Ready to get started? Grab your guitar and let’s get dig in!

NOTE! Joe Pinnavaia organized the course into 8 weekly sections for those students that prefer to have a specified regimen of material across a specified time schedule. However, for those students who prefer to work at their own pace, or even skip around you are certainly encouraged to approach the course in that way as well.

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