ToraVerb v2.0.2 CE-V.R

Team V.R | Sept 17 2018 | 14.3 MB

When creating Toraverb, we did not base it on any current reverb unit available in the market. We did not implement any “off-the-shelf” algorithm. Toraverb is not a classic type reverb unit like spring, room, hall or plate. Toraverb is a concept algorithm reverb. Using a set of easily accessible parameters, it allows the user to create practically ANY type of reverb. Our goal was to create a reverb which would sound pleasant to the listener and the output could be tweaked in many ways by the user.

Reverb is a critical effect in a mix. Result depends on the reverb algorithm used and the quality of the implementation. Usually reverb is used as a send effect in which many channels in a mix are routed to it. If a low-quality plug-in or hardware unit is used, the end results can sound very disappointing with the reverb tail sounding like it had been “ripped-off” in the mix.

Key Features
High quality diffusion network
Pre-delay with optional tempo sync. NEW
Reverb’s tail modulation (with independent control for Early and Late reflections NEW)
Controllable crosstalking spatial reflections NEW
Parametric EQ for Early and Late reflections (with 3 different curves each NEW)
Early and Late mixer (with stereo balance working in either L/R or M/S domains NEW)
Built-in ducker NEW
Adjustable FX crossfade characteristics NEW
Tag based preset browser NEW
Two alternative GUI sizes NEW
MIDI-learn functionality throughout NEW
64bit internal processing

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