Toontrack Solo v1.3.2 x86/x64 ASSiGN

ASSiGN | 19.10.2011 | 29.78 MB

Toontrack® solo is a stand alone application designed to host Toontrack® samplers such as dfh Superior and EZdrummer®. It is particularly suited for musicians wanting to jam along with a friend (real ones if you are a drummer or a virtual one if you are a guitarist), or to perform live (for your own pleasure or in front of an audience).
In its current incarnation a performer can optimize response from his preferred controller with the use of factory presets, and route any of the samplers output to a hardware mixer for total sonic control.

Toontrack® solo boosts full support for ASIO and CoreAudio/CoreMIDI devices and provides support for up to 16 physical Audio outputs that can be routed to a conventional mixer for processing. For the less technically savvy among readers this means that it is optimized for real-time operation with minimal latency and provide the full flexibility of sound shaping in your outboard gear.
Multiple instances can of course be controlled from conventional keyboard controllers (with full support for modwheel control of hihat action) as well as a range of specialists devices such as the majority of E-drums and drumpads available on the market. Virtual drummers can be layered or assigned to specific channels for precise triggering, at your discretion.

• Stand alone operation of Toontrack® samplers
• Optimized for real-time, low latency operation
• Full ASIO/Core Audio/Core MIDI support
• Routable mixer with support for up to 16 physical OUT
• Each instance can be assigned a discrete MIDI channel
• Support for specialist MIDI controllers

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